-ine1 [īn, in, ēn, ən]
[Fr -in, -ine < L -inus, masc., -ina, fem., -inum, neut. < Gr -inos: also directly < L for modern scientific words] suffix forming adjectives
of, having the nature of, like [aquiline, crystalline]
-ine2 [in, ən]
[Fr < L -ina, suffix of fem. abstract nouns] suffix
forming abstract nouns [discipline, doctrine]
-ine3 [ēn, in, īn, ən]
[arbitrary use of L -inus, masc., -ina, fem., n. & adj. ending] suffix forming nouns
1. a chemical of any of certain groups, as
a) a halogen [iodine]
b) an alkaloid or a nitrogenous base [morphine]
c) any of certain hydrides [stibine]
d) an amino acid [alanine]
2. any of certain commercial products [Vaseline]: Cf. -IN1

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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